Bridge is an india-based Educational and Career Services working since years as guidance to students.

We provide assistance for student who are looking forward to study internationally in UK and within India -Bangalore.

We help students study in top UK universities without IELTS.

Education improves one's knowledge, skills and develops their personality and attitude. Chosing the right path is to enhance your skills and career is what we help you at bridge.

Studying in UK is one of the best opportunity to boost your career and knowledge.

Our team provides complete assistance and guidance for Programme selection, University selection with list of top UK universities, Standard test preparation, Scholarship and Education loan arrangements. 

We help your every step in this journey. From selection of the course to Application filling and review, Fee submission, search a part time job, Visa filling assistance, Pre departure orientation, We at bridge provide you seamless experience.

We offer best Educational and financial solutions. At bridge we make sure the students chose the right program/universities by answering all their queries and doubt.

We also offer counselling to any students who are looking forward to study in india-Bangalore,

Providing you assistance in choosing your right course, university and college after your high school or under graduation. From entrence tests to admissions, we help and provide you every details.

All the above services are provided by  professionals in the education field and with Zero Coast fee.

Studying abroad is the dream of every college student. But because the application process for international education is so complex, thousands of overseas education consultants have come up across the country.
To help you choose the best ones, we are sharing a list of the top study abroad consultants in India. International education has a lot to offer that education in India does not. You get better teachers, exposure to different cultures, amazing research opportunities, and a job market that is waiting to hire you abroad. But getting there is not easy.
You have to improve your academics, participate in extracurricular activities, start your application process, and thats not even the tip of the ice-berg. The path to international education is long and cumbersome. This is why a lot of students prefer to go to overseas consultants for help. And this is why we have collated a list of the most well-known study  abroad consultants in India for you.